Our History

The foundation dates back to 1995, when federal funding for the North Dakota trauma system ceased to exist. Therefore, the State Trauma Coordinator position was vacated. At that point, six urban hospitals, the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), and the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Association donated money in an attempt to fund the Trauma Coordinator position. 

In 1996, the state health department allocated funding, and now supports the State Trauma Coordinator through the statewide trauma system. The donations originally intended for the Coordinator position were reallocated to be managed by the NDTF. A working committee began soliciting memberships in order to form the foundation. 

The North Dakota Trauma Foundation was officially formed in October 1998. A board of directors was elected. The NDTF Board of Directors consists of a surgeon, emergency room physician, emergency registered nurse, registered nurse, trauma coordinator, hospital administrator, pre-hospital providers, and laypersons. As this is a statewide organization, members of the board represent various geographical areas of the state.