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North Dakota Trauma Foundation




Please contact Vicky Black at 701-364-8424 with any questions.




So where does the North Dakota Trauma Foundation get the funds for these grant awards?


The answer is: the grant award funds are generated from the Annual North Dakota Statewide Trauma Conference, North Dakota Trauma Foundation clothing sales, your Foundation membership fees, and your generous donations to the Foundation. We couldn't award any grants for these worthwhile projects without your help!


2020 grant winners:

Cavalier County Memorial Hospital, Langdon - Junctional tourniquet and trauma education

Cavalier County Memorial Hospital Ambulance, Langdon - Trauma education

CHI Mercy Hospital, Devils Lake - Trauma education

CHI Williston Medical Center, Williston - Intubation equipment

Mountrail County Medical Center, Stanley - Vacuum regulators

Nelson County Health System, McVille - Trauma education

Wing Rural Ambulance, Wing - Junctional tourniquet and splint matress

Wishek Hospital, Wishek - Trauma education


2019 grant winners:

CHI Mercy Health, Valley City - Splint mattress

CHI St. Alexius Health, Turtle Lake - Blanket warmer

Kildeer Area Ambulance Service - Pediatric tourniquets and MCI supplies

Linton Hospital, Linton - Butterfly IQ Ultrasound

Nelson County Health System, McVille - Trauma education and intubation manikin

Pembina County Memorial Hospital - Trauma education

Tioga Medical Center, Tioga - Fluid warmer

Wishek Ambulance Service, Wishek - Trauma education


2018 grant winners:

CHI St. Alexius Health, Garrison - Temporal thermometers and a portable suction unit

Cooperstown Medical Center, Cooperstown - Intubation manikin

Heart of America Medical Center, Rugby - Emergency adult and pediatric cricothyrotomy kits

Hebron Ambulance Service, Hebron - Trauma education

Jacobson Memorial Hospital Care Center, Elgin - Portable suction devices

Linton Hospital, Linton - RSI medication storage

Pembina County Memorial Hospital - Trauma education

St. Andrew's Health Center, Bottineau - Training manikin

West River Ambulance Service, Hettinger - Trauma education

Wishek Hospital Clinic Association, Wishek - Trauma education